About Matt – This Is My Journey

I’m Matt Mihalicz an Internet Marketer specializing in sales without selling, building a team without recruiting and leading a team without being a boss. If you don’t know what that means follow me and I’ll show you.

Bio of Matt Mihalicz

Matt born and raised in Saskatchewan Canada has been working in the online space for four consecutive years full time. In the coming years Matt plans to work with and continue to build his online businesses using a solid foundation. He started in the industry with intentions of becoming a successful in web site development, but soon realized that in internet marketing there is much more to explore and learn. His strong desire to be successful online drove Matt into several areas of expertise. He soon included and began concentrating on team building, social media marketing, blogging, WordPress, keyword research, email marketing, video marketing, affiliate marketing, and sales funnel design and implementation. Likely the biggest breakthrough for Matt in his internet marketing career was during list building. Being involved in what list builders call “Click Banking”, Matt met and worked with hundreds of marketers and earned trust and respect in the online space.

Matt Mihalicz
Matt Mihalicz Tradesman and IT Professional

Matt’s first 10 years in the work force were in construction where he apprenticed to a journeyman status as fire protection systems installer. He also owned a home building and renovations business for several years where he acquired carpentry and woodworking skills. Later Matt decided to further his education by attending the University of Regina as a full time student. With a major in computer science, his studies opened new opportunities to him in the IT industry. This is where he will spend 20 years working through the ranks to become a computer solutions professional.


I love to welcome new friends into my life. That is likely my biggest motivation for this blog and large social media presence. Please feel free to leave comments for me and I’ll enjoy writing back.

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